When markets change, don't be the last to know

Spend less time worrying whether you missed something and more focusing on your job.

Track thousands of indicators

We constantly monitor for changes to market rates, commodities, bonds, equities, currencies and economic indicators in dozens of countries.

Get notified by email instantly

After we detect an economic indicator or market change, we evaluate your pre-defined rules and when a match occurs you will receive a notification by email.

You control when and how often

You define the rules that determine when, why and how often you will receive notifications . You can delay, sleep or postpone notifications at any time.

Is there a better way to stay informed?

Stop wasting time

It's simply not possible to personally keep track of changes to global markets and economies across all mediums including TV, radio, newspapers, websites and financial terminals.

Let us do the work

We use a combination of cloud based computing and software algorithms to track all markets and economic indicators. TripWire makes it simple for you to do the same.

Tripwire is a better way to stay informed simply and effectively. What are you waiting for?

Try it now with a zero-risk and zero-cost free plan.


Stay informed everywhere
Tripwire is available on your Android or iOS phone

The tripwire app makes it easy to receive live notifications and learn how the financial markets and economy are performing at a glance. Your preferences, settings and notifications are synced for your account across each of your devices.

You can download tripwire from the Google Play or App Store now.

Tripwire also offers custom data and visualization solutions

At tripwire we work with clients to optimize the way they capture, integrate, visualize and notify their executives, employees and customers of changes to mission-critical information. We create highly customized solutions that combine tripwire technology, data and infrastructure along with integrations of clients data resulting in a highly cost and time efficient way to stay informed.

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